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Jane Barlow



Jane qualified as a counsellor in 2001. She has a grounding in person centred counselling whilst using other therapeutic models and skills, including CBT, DBT and Rewind therapy to enhance her therapeutic work.

Her therapeutic background involves working for SANDS (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Society), RASASC (Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre) and NHS Occupational Health.

Currently Jane is working as a School Based Counsellor for children and young people. She has a special interest in Mindfulness, and is qualified to teach 11 - 18 years olds with MiSP (Mindfulness In Schools Project).

Jane is a fluent Welsh speaker.

Chris Brennan



Chris is a BACP Accredited Counsellor who specialises in the area of Children and Young People aged eleven plus. His background is in Student Counselling having previously worked with Students in High School, College, and University settings. Chris also works with adults and has experience as a bereavement counsellor as well as delivering counselling for an adult mental health charity.

Chris works in an integrative manner and mainly works with a Person-Centred approach drawing from techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused, and Positive Psychology. Chris is a Generalist Counsellor but specialises in the area of Adolescent Issues, Self-Harm, Exam/Study Stress, self-esteem, self-image, shame, depression, anxiety, work stress.

Chris mostly works on an individual basis but does also do some family based work.

Amy Clark



Amy is a psychotherapist with over 16 years experience of working in child, adult and learning disabilities mental health services within the NHS. She has a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies. She has also been trained in Eye Movement and Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and Behavioural Couples Therapy. She is an accredited member of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP) and EMDR Association. Amy also worked for the University of Chester as a visiting lecturer and has been involved in supervising trainees for many years on the university’s MSc in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies course.

Amy uses an empathic, compassionate and collaborative approach in helping people suffering from depression, anxiety problems, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and childhood abuse. She has a special interests in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), childhood abuse, low self esteem and post traumatic stress.

Amy also offers supervision for both CBT and EMDR trainees and psychotherapists.

Kerri Crewe



Kerri is an accredited therapist with the BACP and has over 13 years therapy experience. She is trained as a integrative therapist and uses Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and solution focused ideas to help clients learn new techniques and coping strategies to help manage their issues. Kerri also integrates EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) into her compassionate and collaborative approach. She has a special interest in depression, stress, anxiety and trauma. Kerri can also work with couples and is Relate trained.

Kerri also works with small children/young people and adopts a whole family approach when it is necessary to do so. This means that other members of the family may also work with Kerri, to best help the child/young person heal. She is also trained to work with EMDR with children and young people.

Her experience includes working within the NHS with experience in substance misuse, Prescribed medication, CAMHS and Occupational Health. She also works for many insurance companies.

Caroline Dawson



Caroline is a qualified person-centred counsellor with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counselling and is a registered member of the BACP.

She is a warm, caring and reliable counselling professional with a deep sense of personal and professional integrity. Her formal therapy training is Person-Centred (Humanistic) with a particular interest in Complex Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and early life Attachment.

Caroline believes passionately that rewarding ourselves the time and space to talk things over confidentially and without judgement with a trained professional - someone who has no bearing on our general day to day life - can really help us grow.

Fully committed to providing compassionate, therapeutic support to adults and young people, she offers a warm, safe and confidential space to clients where they are free to reflect on their inner most thoughts, feelings and behaviours without judgement, appraise their understanding and help reveal a sound and clearer sense of self, ultimately stimulating personal growth and inspiring change.

With a number of years of clinical practice in Higher Education she has worked extensively with young people and adults on a one to one basis. She has worked with clients who have experienced depression and anxiety, stress, issues surrounding shame and low self-worth, loneliness, self-harm, addiction, grief and loss, eating disorders, abuse - physical, sexual, emotional and/or psychological, post-natal depression, issues relating to childhood and relationship difficulties.

Emily Dodd



Emily is a member of the British Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapists (BABCP) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in CBT and a Masters in Health Psychology, which focuses on the emotional impact of physical health.

In addition to her private work, Emily works with patients experiencing chronic pain and the associated psychological impact of this. She also has experience working with both students and adults with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and stress; previously having worked in a Sixth Form college and a mental health charity.

Emily will work with you to identify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours along with other techniques, to give you assistance in managing emotions and moving forward.

Sue Doherty



Sue comes from a nursing background is an integrative therapist, accredited by the BACP. She works with individuals and couples and is Relate trained. Sue has experience working within the NHS in the field of substance misuse, as a counsellor in a collage of further education, Occupational health and CAMHS.

She works extensively with a number of EAP providers, including some private insurance providers such as BUPA and Aviva. Sue is also trained as a supervisor and provides clinical supervision to other therapists.

Kathryn Hackland



Kathryn offers Person Centred counselling and works with both individuals and couples. Her background involves working with peri-natal trauma including miscarriage and stillbirth, post-natal depression, chronic illness, living with uncertainty, anxiety, depression and loss.

Kathryn has also helped clients who have suffered trauma and abuse.

Paul Harvey



Paul is a UKCP registered Counsellor and Therapist with over twenty years’ experience working with Adults and Young People in a range of settings including Universities, NHS Psychological Therapy Services, CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services), the Voluntary Sector, Private Practice and Employee Assistance Programmes.

Paul works with Adults using therapeutic approaches from Personal Construct Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused and Narrative Therapies on issues including depression, anxiety disorders, loss, stress and meeting the challenges of work and education. His approach is collaborative, flexible, focused on clients’ goals and identifying tools and strategies to support their personal and professional development, and wellbeing.

Annabel Henfrey



Annabel initially trained as a counsellor in 1976. She subsequently trained as a Relate counsellor and psychosexual therapist and worked for Relate for 32 years.

She has also had 29 years working for the NHS both as a Practice Counsellor in two GP practices, and latterly as a Step 3 therapist in the Primary Care Mental Health Team.

She is able to work with couples and individuals around a range of issues, including relationships, bereavement, anxiety and depression and low self esteem.

Jamie Holmes



Jamie Holmes is a psychotherapist and accredited EMDR consultant who specialises in the treatment of anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive difficulties (OCD), behavioural couples therapy, clinical depression, low self-esteem, and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). His training is in psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR therapy and he is accredited with the BABCP and EMDR Association UK and Ireland.

Jamie has over 16 years experience of working in the field of mental health and has been a lecturer for the University of Chester where he presented on CBT and trauma focused CBT. He also provides clinical supervision to other psychotherapists, EMDR practitioners and trainee therapists as part of their ongoing development. Jamie has been awarded honorary lecturer status by the University of Chester for his role as a clinical supervisor on their IAPT High Intensity Course. Jamie has a special interest in the mental well-being of military veterans, complex trauma and attachment traumas.

Collette Howarth



Collette is an accredited cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT), member of the BABCP, qualified counsellor, counselling supervisor and EMDR practitioner (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). Collette has an MSc in Advanced Practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and over 20 years’ experience in the field of mental health, half of which has been within the business sector, the latter half within the NHS.

Collette incorporates a compassionate approach to the evidence based skills of CBT and provides a warm therapeutic environment for clients to learn the skills to help them manage their own issues not only during the course of therapy but for life.

Collette has a special interest in low self-esteem, trauma, including PTSD, depression, generalised anxiety, OCD, illness anxiety and phobias.

Alice Jones



As an integrative therapist, Alice uses person-centred, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and psychodynamic approaches according to the individual needs of her clients.

As a counsellor Alice will not judge you but she will listen, respect and accept you as you are. As the client you are in control of what is discussed and the pace at which the therapy proceeds.

Alice’s particular experience has been in assisting clients deal with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, bereavement, grief and loss.

Danny Jones



Danny is a warm, empathic counsellor who has been in clinical practice for a number of years with experience in a variety of settings with young people and adults. His background is in student counselling having worked in high schools, colleges and universities.

Danny is a registered member with the BACP and is qualified to Masters Level. He offers both Person-Centred Counselling and Focusing Orientated Psychotherapy on both a long and short term basis, depending on the needs of the client. He currently works with children, young people and adults, and is especially passionate about males accessing counselling.

Danny is able to offer evening and weekend appointments in order to fit around busy lifestyles and other commitments that you may have during the day. He is committed to working in an open, compassionate and collaborative way, and welcomes anything you wish to bring to therapy.

Helen Jones



Helen is a cognitive behavioural therapist who is accredited with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP).

She has over 13 years’ experience of working in adult mental health services within the NHS. Helen holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and an MSc in Applied Social Studies. She has also been trained in Eye Movement and Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

Helen endeavours to work with the client at the centre at all times. She utilises an empathetic and collaborative approach in helping clients to identify their own personal goals and learn strategies that can enable them to move forward with their lives.

Helen is experienced in working with a wide range of issues including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychosis, substance misuse, childhood abuse, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bi-polar affective disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

Kiran Kaur



Kiran believes in creating a safe, warm and non-judgmental space in which clients can express themselves openly and freely. She is a qualified Person Centred therapist with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and is a registered member of the BACP.

Kiran believes that to be seen, heard, and understood, is arguably one of the most empowering feelings that we as humans can experience. Seeing therapy as a meeting between two humans who experience life in all its fullness, Kiran believes that by working together on the hard stuff, and celebrating the good stuff, the therapeutic process is one that can help clients to grow and to hold hope. Kiran strives to ensure that empathy, compassion and humanness lie at the centre of her work with clients.

Kiran has worked in various setting including charitable organisations, higher education and within schools. She has experience of working with clients who bring all of life into the room, but particularly has experience of working with clients who experience anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, loss, and discrimination. Kiran’s particular experience is working with LGBTQ+ individuals and has worked within a regional LGBT charity where she set up a Trans specific affirmative counselling service, as well as working within the LGBT counselling service within the same organisation. Kiran is also passionate about working with POC and has an interest in social justice and intersecting identities.

Adam Knight



Adam’s approach is respectful, non-judgemental and supportive. He has a very flexible approach to working and aims to tailor the sessions to your needs. He is a fully qualified Integrative counsellor and uses aspects of cognitive-behavioural, person centred and psychodynamic styles within his approach. This allows him to adapt his style of working to suit his client’s needs on a wide range of issues. He is a member of the National Counselling Society (NCS) and works within their ethical framework.

Adam is an experienced counsellor with a strong working knowledge of Psychology. This experience includes Lecturing A level Psychology for 20 years; working as a college counsellor, Child Adolescent and mental health service (CAMHS) and in private practice for ten years. He has successfully worked with a wide variety of clients and has a lot of experience working with adolescents and men.

He aims to listen to your concerns to allow you to feel safe enough to explore your difficulties. This could then help you to manage and change whatever has a hold on you, so you can move forward with your life.

Louise Lemanski



Louise is a qualified counsellor with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counselling specialising in Person Centred therapy and is a registered member of the BACP. Her focus is to establish an accepting and trusting relationship with each client and to offer a warm, safe, non-judgmental therapeutic space where their unique experiences of life will be heard and their emotional wellbeing will be supported.

She works with a diverse range of adults and young people on a one to one basis and has established counselling experience within private and voluntary organisations including Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, West Cheshire bereavement service and Childline.

Her background involves working with clients who have experienced abuse, trauma, perinatal mental health difficulties, complexities surrounding grief and loss, childhood related issues, issues surrounding shame and self-worth, and relationship difficulties including couples, family and parent/child relationships.

Sandra Munro



Sandra is a Registered Member of the BACP with a Masters degree in Clinical Counselling. She works with individuals using Person Centred therapy and has experience dealing with a range of issues including addiction, long-term illness, anxiety, bereavement, depression, anger and loss.

In her practice she offers a non-judgemental environment where clients can explore what is troubling them and discover a way forward. She has worked as a volunteer counsellor with Age UK and Turning Point.

Steve Newcombe

Steve Newcombe


Steve is a warm empathic counsellor working with a person centred approach. He will offer you a safe calm space for you to explore your issues and help empower you to move forward and facilitate change.

Steve works with individuals with a variety of issues such as anxiety low mood, trauma and addiction. He also has lots of experience working with loss and bereavement, having spent time working with Liverpool Bereavement Service. Steve is also part of their training team where he delivers training to therapists joining the service.

He has a special interest in veterans mental health, having served in the forces previously himself. Steve’s background also includes delivering counselling for a veterans mental health charity helping ex servicemen with a variety of issues, including transitioning back into civilian life.

Donna Paterson



Donna is a cognitive behavioural therapist who is a member of the British Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapists (BABCP) and has a first-class honours degree in Psychology BSc. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Donna has over 10 years’ experience of working in mental health services within the NHS. She is a driven CBT therapist who is focused on achieving positive outcomes. Using warmth, empathy, and compassion throughout treatment, she forms good therapeutic alliances with clients.

Donna is experienced in working with a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) specific phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She also has a special interest in the positive effects of physical exercise on depression.

Lesley Pollard



Lesley is an experienced Psychotherapist, and works with people on a one to one basis. She offers a warm, compassionate and empathic approach to her work. Lesley uses the theory of Transactional Analysis (TA), which offers a way for us to understand the ways we communicate, feel, think and behave to facilitate change and personal growth. It provides many effective models to help us understand our interactions with others and ways to promote open communication and autonomy.

Lesley has an extensive background in working in mental health and is very experienced helping people with difficulties that affect us in our lives, such as depression, stress, anxiety and low self esteem. She has a special interest in working with people who have experienced trauma or traumatic experiences.

Christine Pool



Christine is an experienced relationship and psychosexual therapist, who works with individuals and couples and also with issues relating to intimacy, loss of desire and erectile dysfunction.

She is a Registered Member of the BACP and COSRT(college of sexual and relationship therapists).

Christine also has many years experience working with the Macmillan cancer organisation covering a wide range of issues, illness, change, loss and grief. She also has experience in working with anxiety and stress related issues.

She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy and is a Relate trained therapist.

Jenny Rafferty



Jenny is a Transactional analysis and integrative therapist, working with both individuals and couples. She will offer you a safe, supportive space and an approach which is tailored to your needs, so that you can take time and attention to focus on your feelings and experiences, to work towards understanding, growth and change.

Jenny has a background in mental health and is experienced in a range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, panic, relationship problems, childhood abuse, PTSD, stress and work problems. She is also a member of the United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis and the BACP.

Andy Singleton



Andy is a BACP accredited therapist with over 10 years’ experience working with children, young people and adults. Andy has worked therapeutically within the NHS, CAMHS, Children’s Services, university staff and student support services and a highly subscribed school based counselling service.

Built on a foundation of person-centred counselling, Andy works as an integrative therapist, incorporating EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), Cognitive Behavioural techniques and compassion based and creative therapies to help a client achieve their goals. He has a great selection of fidget toys, kinetic sand, Lego and art supplies to utilise in sessions with children (and adults!)

Andy works with a wide ranging set of presenting issues including anxiety, stress, low mood, self-harming behaviour, attachment trauma and PTSD. Andy has a special interest in helping clients heal from childhood trauma; whether the client is a child or young person healing or an adult reflecting back on their past experiences.

Andy primarily works with individuals, however when appropriate, will work with key figures in a child/young person’s life to best help them heal.

He is trained and registered with ACTO (Association for Counselling and Therapy Online) and can offer phone and video appointments on request, in addition to face to face therapy.

Annabelle Smith



Annabelle trained as an integrative counsellor, after spending the majority of her working life supporting adults and young people in other helping roles.

Within her integrative framework, Annabelle uses person-centred, psychodynamic and CBT ideas, depending on the needs of her client. In her approach, she is a very warm and non-judgemental counsellor and enjoys focusing on what the client brings to the session. Annabelle is registered with the BACP and works within their ethical framework.

Annabelle currently works therapeutically with young people at Childline and volunteers at Wirral Mind working with adults. Having gained valuable experience in both settings, in addition to working with private clients, her areas of special interest are trauma and bereavement.

After undertaking additional training with ASCA (adult survivors of childhood abuse), Annabelle now delivers their 21-step programme ‘survivor to thriver’. This programme helps survivors of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse and can be done individually or in a group setting.

Annabelle is able to offer both evening and weekend appointments.

Kelly Uttley



Kelly is a warm and friendly therapist experienced in working with a variety of issues ranging from depression and anxiety through to work stress, relationship issues and loss. She has a degree in psychology, Counselling and a Master’s degree in clinical counselling. Kelly works within an integrative approach, allowing her to work with each individuals needs and use a variety of counselling modalities to suit the client.

Kelly’s specialism is addictive behaviour. She has a great deal of experience working with any repetitive self-soothing behaviour (ranging from problematic alcohol consumption through to gambling, drug taking, shopping or hoarding). Kelly feels that working together to establish and understand the roots of this behaviour can help us take steps towards finding a more positive way of being.

Before working in private practice, she worked for a leading alcohol/substance misuse charity in North Wales as well as an NHS funded mental health agency.

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